Once you leave the two ponds, you will slightly descent towards the lake’s border.  Unless you are planning to camp on the west side of the lake, this will be your last view before you slightly go uphill into the old forest.

Statlu Lake Video - 6 Seconds - 1.65 MB - AVI

The round dome in the very back is called Mount Ratney

Mount Ratney is a rounded, rocky summit. The north arete is a very noteable, sharp feature.   The north arete was the line of the first ascent and the crux pitch, rated 5.7 today, was, at the time (1950) probably the hardest technical lead in the mountains of southwest BC

Back to the hike, very soon the trail forks, the right one is called “Brotherhood Trail”.  This is the trail that you need to follow.  This is a good resting point to recharge your energies and where you can see one of the many falls created by Brotherhood Lake.

Falls Video - 12 Seconds - 3.29 MB - AVI

The steep trail goes east of the mentioned tributary creek.  Sooner or later you will reach a viewpoint where you can have views over the lake to the Ratney Mountains.  The Ratney Group consists of a ridge between Skwellepil Creek and Chehalis River.

Viewpoint Video Part I - 9 Seconds - 3.10 MB - AVI

But some hundreds meters later, there is a better viewpoint and a fine resting area.  This is an open bluff where you can hear and see the waterfalls coming from Brotherhood Lake plus more views of the Ratney Mountains.  

Along the trail there are a couple of ropes in some tricky sections, you will find them very useful if the trail is wet. The trail is quite hard to follow because in some spots is not easy to see the markers.

Viewpoint Video Part II - 8 Seconds - 2.27 MB - AVI

After this viewpoint you will reach one part of the trail where the slope is so unstable that the earth gives out under your feel as you try to climb.  Great care is required.  After this you need to cross two small creeks with some loose rock.

Then you will reach the final rope section.  Either going up or down don’t rely totally on the rope but keep it always as close as you can.  As the previous part of the hike, the slope is very unstable and if you fall, the only way to stop is hitting the rocks on the bottom.

After this the grade completely eases, but good route-finding skills are required to follow the vague trail.  Finally you will reach a small creek, remember the tree next to the creek because this will be the reference point for you way back.  Go against the flow and very soon you will see an entry into the bushes.  Some bushwhacking is required for the final 200 meters but finally you will have your reward.

This lake is better know as “Upper Statlu Lake” but my research shows that the original name is “Brotherhood Lake”.  You can see waterfalls coming down directly from the melting snow.

Brotherhood Lake Video - 26 Seconds - 4.87 MB - AVI

Mt Clark, Recourse Peak and Viennese Peak

This lake is the common approach for roped climbing Mount Clarke and Viennese Peak.  They are 1.3 km separated but they make part of the same Mount Clarke massif.

Recourse Peak receives the least attention of his neighbours peaks (something similar may happen if you are the middle child).  Recourse is most often climbed when traversing from Viennese to Clarke or vice versa.

From the back of the lake you can have views of some unnamed peaks.  The forest caught my attention because I saw an unusual amount of decaying trees.  I think the trees are affected by Dwarf Mistletoes, a parasitic plant (like people living from welfare) that relies on its host plant for photosynthesis as well as nutrients. 

33.5 km Elev 221m N49'28.615" W122'00.062" Begginning of 4WD Road
1 Elev 378m N49'28.946" W122'00.177" Trailhead
2 Elev 641m N49'30.844" W122'03.883" Brotherhood
3 Elev 818m N49'31.040" W122'03.805" First Viewpoint
4 Elev 1062m N49'31.390 W122'04.586" Second Viewpoint
5 Elev 929m N49'31.112" W122'03.852" Brotherhood Lake.

5.0 km Beggining 4WD Road to Statlu Trailhead - Elev Gain: 157m
3.8 km From Trailhead to Brotherhood Trail - Elev Gain: 263m
3.3 km Brotherhood Trail - 288m

Round trip: 24.2 km (15.12 miles)
Elevation Gain: 684 m (2244 ft)
Time: 9.5 hours

Driving distance from Vancouver 100 km (62.6 miles)


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